Poetry: Praise be to God for Everything

Praise be to God for everything:

For all the good times, for the pain.

For the sky and for the clouds,

And the stars that shine so proud.

For the earth, yes, for the dirt;

For Christ and all His mirth.

For the birds, always up at dawn,

Even for the stress of life, so wrong.

For the joyous days, for the bad,

For the days and weeks which make us sad.

For all the people, wrong and right,

For the strength and will to fight.

To fight for those of whom we love,

And longing to love as the One above.

Praise be to God for our life;

Praise be to God for the strife:

To God who dwells up on High,

The One who meets us by and by.

To God who sustains all in all,

The One who makes us be so small.

To God be the praise forevermore,

O, God who makes us eagles to soar.

And I will try to offer my praise,

Then will fall silent and amazed.

My words are void, meaning not one thing;

Praise, O, praise be to God for everything!

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